Christian Bayer

Working Papers


Working Papers

  1. Bullet "Precautionary Savings, Illiquid Assets, and the Aggregate Consequences of Shocks to Household Income Risk", (with Ralph Luetticke, Lien Pham-Dao, and Volker Tjaden), July 2015, Revise and Resubmit at Econometrica.

  2. Bullet "Dynamics of Factor Productivity Dispersions", (with Ariel Mecikovsky and Matthias Meier), April 2015.

  3. Bullet “The establishment labor flow panel (ELFLOP): Handbook“ (Das überarbeitet Betriebs-historikpanel: Handbuch), IAB data handbook, (with R. Bachmann and S. Seth), September 2008.


  1. Bullet "Housing Freezes, Deleveraging, and Aggregate Demand" (with Ralph Luetticke).

  2. Bullet "Factors in Eurozone Breakup" (with Alexander Kriwoluzky and Chi Kim).

  3. Bullet "Plant Age, Uncertain Match Quality, and Churning" (with Rüdiger Bachmann, Stefan Seth and Felix Wellschmied).

  4. Bullet "Labor Productivity, Job and Worker Flows in West and East-Germany" (highly preliminary)(with Rüdiger Bachmann and Felix Wellschmied).