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The Following paper with Ken Binmore is published in JEBO volume 73(1), pp. 87-100, January 2010,

accompanied by responses by Fehr-Schmidt and Eckel-Gintis and a brief rejoinder by Binmore-Shaked

Experimental Economics: What Next?  by K. Binmore & A. Shaked  (This version includes the unpublished Appendix)

Fehr - Schmidt’s JEBO reply

Eckel Gintis’ JEBO reply

Binmore Shaked’s JEBO rejoinder

My critique of Fehr-Schmidt’s papers on Inequity Aversion started with the circulation of a Pamphlet on the internet:

·       The Rhetoric of Inequity Aversion (1st version 1 March 2005)

·        The Rhetoric of Inequity Aversion (2nd version 8 March 2005)  by A. Shaked

·       Ernst Fehr & Klaus Schmidt’s reply to the pamphlet

The Rhetoric of Inequity Aversion - A Reply  (March 2005) by E. Fehr & K. Schmidt

·       I have written a Brief Response to Fehr-Schmidt’s Reply:

A Brief Response to F&S Reply to 'The Rhetoric of Inequity Aversion'   (March 2005) by A. Shaked

·       I have also written a detailed analysis of FS’ papers on Inequity Aversion

   On the Explanatory Value of Inequity Aversion Theory  (Sept 2006) by A. Shaked



·        E-mail: shaked@uni-bonn.de