Christian Bayer

Working Papers


Revisions & Current Working Papers

  1. Bullet "Shocks, Frictions, and Inequality in US Business Cycles",
    (with Benjamin Born and Ralph Luetticke), January 2020, CEPR DP No. 14364.

    Revision Requested at American Economic Review
    Julia codes for our HANK Estimation Package here.

  2. Bullet "The Liquidity Channel of Fiscal Policy",
    (with Benjamin Born and Ralph Luetticke), June 2020, CEPR DP No. 14883.

    Revision Requested at Journal of Monetary Economics

  3. Bullet "The Coronavirus Stimulus Package: How large is the transfer multiplier?",
    (with Benjamin Born, Ralph Luetticke, and G. Müller), May 2022, CEPR DP No. 14600-2.

    Revision Requested at Economic Journal

  4. Bullet "Which Ladder to Climb? Wages of workers by job, plant, and education"
    (with Moritz Kuhn), June 2019, CEPR DP No. 13158.

  5. Bullet "Bericht zur Datenqualität der Sonderbefragung zum Konsum privater Haushalte 2020"
    (jointly with R. Bachmann, M. Kornejew), RTG-2281 Discussion Paper No. 2021-12.

  6. Bullet "Monopsony Makes Firms not only Small but also Unproductive: Why East Germany has not Converged," (jointly with Rüdiger Bachmann, Felix Wellschmied). May 2022, CEPR DP No. 17302.

  7. Bullet "Kinderbonuskonsum",
    (with R. Bachmann and M. Kornejew), April 2022, RTG 228 DP.

    Revision Requested at Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik

Discontinued Projects & Older Papers

  1. Bullet "Misallocation, Markups and Technology", (with Ariel Mecikovsky and Matthias Meier), February 2018, CEPR DP No. 12727.

  2. Bullet "The Term Structure of Redenomination Risk", (with Chi Kim and Alexander Kriwoluzky), May 2018, CEPR DP No. 12965.

  3. Bullet "Intergenerational ties and case fatality rates: A cross-country analysis." (with Moritz Kuhn), March 2020, CEPR DP No. 14519.

  4. Bullet “The establishment labor flow panel (ELFLOP): Handbook“ (Das überarbeitet Betriebs-historikpanel: Handbuch), IAB data handbook, (with R. Bachmann and S. Seth), September 2008.