SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. A - 351

Author: Kneip, Alois
Title: Nonparametric Estimation of Common Regressors for Similar Curve Data
Abstract: The paper is concerned with data from a collection of different, but related regression curves. In statistical practice analysis of such data is most frequently based on low dimensional linear models. It is then assumed that each regression curve is a linear combination of a small number L of common functions. In this paper the assumption of a prespecified model is dropped. A nonparametric method is presented which allows to estimate the smallest L and corresponding functions from the data. The procedure combines smoothing techniques with ideas related to Principal Component Analysis. An asymptotic theory is presented which yields detailed insight into properties of the resulting estimators. An application to household expenditure data illustrates the approach.
Keywords: Regression, curve estimation, linear models, model selection, principal components
Creation-Date: November 1991
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