SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. A - 370

Author: Bös, Dieter
Title: Economics of Ageing
Abstract: The most challenging theories on the consequences of ageing deal with the interplay of the various groups whose characteristics differ because of age. Of particular interest are cases of redistribution between groups, as in the case of old age pension insurance to be treated in Section 2. However, old age pensions are not the only important case where ageing influences (re)distribution. The relative size of the group of unemployed compared with the group of employed also depends on ageing, as does the respective process of redistribution (where the employed pay for the unemployed). Hence, Section 3 surveys theories on the influence ageing exerts on unemployment. Finally, ageing leads to changes in the overall composition of the various income groups and hence influences the overall distribution of incomes. This is examined in Section 4.This survey can be considered as a complement to Hurd's (1990) outstanding survey on the empirical research on the elderly. His survey concentrates on economic status, retirement, and consumption and saving. Thus I omit these topics in my survey, and concentrate instead on reviewing some recent research on the theory of social insurance and on the influence ageing exerts on unemployment and on income distribution.
Creation-Date: 1993
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