SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. A-442

Author: Engel, Joachim and Alois Kneip
Title: Recent Approaches to Estimating Income Distributions, Engel Curves and Related Functions
Abstract: The paper surveys recent methods of nonparametric curve estimation in their relevance to some problems in econometrics: the estimation of income distributions, cross-sectional Engel curves and other functions which depend on the demand in large economies. Instead of a comprehensive review of the literature, only aspects of nonparametric estimation are considered as they relate to the applications we have in mind. In density estimation the concept of estimating skewed and heavy-tailed distributions is discussed. Estimating demand curves necessitates in particular to address nonparametric regression under a random design when the data are heteroscedastic.
Keywords: Income distributions, cross-sectional Engel curves, nonparametric curve estimation, demand analysis
JEL-Classification-Number: C14, C21, D12, D31
Creation-Date: April 1994
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