SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 8

Author: Brackly, Günter
Title: Twodimensional Unfolding: A Constructive Solution in the Case of Given Incomplete Rank Order Systems
Abstract: The theory of unfolding developed in 1950 for the one dimensional case by C. H. Coombs and generalized for arbitrary dimensions by Bennett and Hays in 1960 provides a representation of a set of n object points and a set of m subject points in a joint space R to the power of k with some low k. The points shall be placed in such a way that the rank orders of the Euclidian distances of each subject point to all object points equal the given rank orders of the objects with respect to each subject. The intention of the method unfolding is therefore to find a representation of the given data which visualizes the characteristic properties. This implies that the dimension k should be 2 in the ideal case but not greater than 3. In this paper we restrict ourselves to case k=2.
Creation-Date: November 1985
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