SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 14

Author: Krelle, Wilhelm
Title: The World Model in Detail
Abstract: The IIASA Research Program on Economic Growth and Structural Change constitutes the basic framework for a combined effort of a Central Group (now operating at Bonn University) and Country Groups which should prepare and deliver economic forecasting models of their country. Since the whole project cannot wait till all Country Groups provide their models, the Central Group will construct aggregated and simplified country models in order to get a solution of the world model even if some Country Groups cannot deliver their models in time (or not at all). Each aggregated model will be substituted by the original model of the Country Group after it becomes available. The database for the aggregated models will be made available to the Country Groups. Their models should also be based on it or adapted to it in order to guarantee consistency.
Creation-Date: 1985
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