SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 025

Author: Dobrinsky, R.
Title: Aggregated Macroeconomic Models of the European CMEA Countries
Abstract: The Bonn-IIASA Research Project on Economic Growth and Structural Change considers 23 countries and country groups each of which is to be represented by a separate model. 7 of these countries are the European CMEA countries: Bulgaria, CSSR, GDR, Hungary, Poland, Romania and USSR.
In accordance with the research plan of the project, the Central Group constructs aggregated macroeconomic models for the countries and country groups. These models will be used for building and testing the global model framework as well as for analysis and forecasts of the general trends of the national and global economic development. The aggregated country models may be substituted by more detailed national models provided by the collaborating Country Groups, which might allow for some more specific analysis concerning the development of the world economy.
The basic framework of the aggregated country models is built in accordance with the principles of the neoclassical growth theory which provides a suitable theoretical background for constructing models of this type. Considerable attention is being paid to the concept of equilibrium growth, to the search of paths of equilibrium growth for the world economy and to the analysis of the factors which would provide the necessary conditions for the existence of such paths.
Creation-Date: 1985
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