SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 28

Author: Ross H.
Title: Bonn-IIASA World Model: A Data Base for Nine OECD-Countries
Abstract: One part of the analysis within the joint Bonn-IIASA project on "Economic Growth and Structural Change" deals with the construction of aggregated econometric models for the nine most important OECD countries. According to the latest research plan a data base has been built up for each of these countries, containing the required time series.
This paper gives a general survey of the data base. Detailed information is separately reported in nine country specific documentations. They contain 1. The definitional equations for the generation of the time series 2. A listing of the original time series extracted from the different sources 3. The abbreviations used 4. The data base for the period 1960-1982 5. The data base of longer series for the period 1950-1982 6. An alphabetical list of the time series in the data base 7. A list of the time series in the data base, in the same ordering as the listing of the equations and the listing of the data.
Creation-Date: 1985
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