SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 054

Author: Werner, Hans Joachim
Title: Some Recent Results on Drazin-Monotonicity of Property-n Matrices
Abstract: If a square matrix has a nonnegative power, it is called a property-n matrix. In a recent paper Werner derived some interesting necessary and sufficient conditions for a property-n matrix to be Drazin-monotone. In particular, it was shown that a property-n matrix with ind(A) = k is Drazin-monotone if and only if A to the power of k is non negative and A to the power of 2k+1 is week-r-monotone. Our principal aim here is to show how this result can be strengthened considerably. To tackle this problem we also present several further results on the structure of Drazin-monotone (property-n) matrices.
Creation-Date: December 1986
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