SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 58

Author: Dobrinsky, Rumen
Title: The Macroeconomic Models of the European CMEA Countries
Abstract: One part of the research within the Bonn-IIASA Project is devoted to the analysis and forecast of economic growth and structural change in the seven European CMEA countries: Bulgaria, CSSR, GDR, Hungary, Poland, Romania and USSR. The main tools for this research are the macroeconomic models of the countries which were constructed to serve the goals of the project.This paper reports on the models of the CMEA countries and outlines some specific methodological aspects of the approach to the modeling of the economies of these countries. The factual aspects of the analysis and forecast are presented in a separate paper (Dobrinsky, 1986 b)The models have been developed following the general lines of the Bonn-IIASA Project (Krelle, 1985). However, the approach to the CMEA country models differs in some important details which are due to the different behavior of economic agents in a socialist economy as compared to a market type economy. Another cause of difference is the different accounting system in the CMEA countries whose statistics are based on the System of Material Product Balances. This is the reason why some of the variables and indicators used in the CMEA country models are not directly comparable with those in the models of the market-type economies.
Creation-Date: 1985
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