SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 109

Author: Aigner, Dennis J., and Peter Schönfeld
Title: Experimental Design for Direct metering of residential electricity End-Uses
Abstract: Measuring the continuous electricity loads associated with major appliances by direct means is expensive. Yet for planning and forecasting purposes, knowledge of their load profiles is important. Conditional Demand Analysis (CDA) exploits the differences in appliance ownership patterns among households to disaggregate continuous readings on total household consumption. This approach is obviously cheaper than direct metering - at least it is with existing technology - but does not always result in sufficiently precise load estimates.The present paper develops a statistical model within which the question of direct metering as a supplement to CDA can be addressed in the case of two appliances. Optimality conditions on the precision of estimation for the two loads give rise to exact solution results for sample sizes to be devoted to direct metering.
Creation-Date: April 1989
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