SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B-173

Author: Klein, Martin
Title: Capital Asset Price Dynamics: Heterogeneity and Hysteresis
Abstract: This paper discusses the price determination in asset markets with heterogeneous investors that face costs of portfolio adjustment. A price function mapping stochastic dividends into prices is developed. Asset prices exhibit "hysteresis" in the sense that large dividend changes cause a level shift in the relationship between asset prices and dividends. For subsequent small dividend changes the new level persists. It is reversed only when another large shock in the opposite direction occurs. Another implication of the model is that although all investors are risk-neutral, the market as a whole reacts in a way "as if" there was risk aversion. The higher the variance of the stochastic process driving the evolution of the dividends, the higher is the average expected return in the market.
Keywords: Hysteresis, Capital asset pricing
JEL-Classification-Number: 213, 313
Creation-Date: December 1990
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