SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 346

Author: Katok, Elena, Holly S. Lewis, and Terry P. Harrison
Title: Lot Sizing in General Assembly Systems with Setup Costs, Setup Times and Multiple Constrained Resources
Abstract: We introduce a heuristic method for finding good feasible solutions for multi-product lot sizing problems with general assembly structures, multiple constrained resources, and non-zero setup costs and setup times. We evaluate the performance of this heuristic by comparing its solutions to optimal solutions of small randomly generated problems, and to time-truncated Optimization Subroutine Library (OSL) solutions of medium-sized randomly generated problems. In the first case, the heuristic locates solutions averaging 4% worse than optimal in less than 1% of time required by OSL. The heuristic solutions to medium-sized problems are approximately 26% better than solutions OSL finds after 10,000 CPU seconds, and the heuristic finds these solutions in approximately 10% of OSL's time.
Keywords: Lot sizing, general assembly system, heuristics, integer programming applications
Creation-Date: June 1995
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