SFB 303 Discussion Paper No. B - 422

Author: Dudenhausen, Antje, Erik Schloegl and Lutz Schloegl
Title: Robustness of Gaussian Hedges and the Hedging of Fixed Income Derivatives
Abstract: The effect of model and parameter misspecification on the effectiveness of Gaussian hedging strategies for derivative financial instruments is analyzed, showing that Gaussian hedges in the `natural'' hedging instruments are particularly robust. This is true for all models that imply Black/Scholes--type formulas for option prices and hedging strategies. In this paper we focus on the hedging of fixed income derivatives and show how to apply these results both within the framework of Gaussian term structure models as well as the increasingly popular market models where the prices for caplets and swaptions are given by the corresponding Black formulas. By explicitly considering the behaviour of the hedging strategy under misspecification we also derive the result by El Karoui, Jeanblanc-Picque and Shreve that a superhedge is obtained in the Black/Scholes model if the misspecified volatility dominates the true volatility. Furthermore, we show that the robustness and superhedging result do not hold if the natural hedging instruments are unavailable. In this case, we study criteria for the optimal choice from the instruments that are available.
Keywords: Interest rates, misspecification, Gaussian hedges, market models
JEL-Classification-Number: E43 G12 G13
Creation-Date: April 1999 ( revised version )
URL: ../1999/b/bonnsfb422.pdf

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