Project A3:
Distribution of Microeconomic Characteristics and the Structure of Equilibrium Models

Director: Prof. Dr. Werner Hildenbrand

The main subjects of research unit A3 are the Modelling of Aggregate Market Demand and Nonparametric Data Analysis.

The goal of this project is the economic modelling of the evolution over time of aggregate consumption expenditure of a heterogeneous population of households. Aggregation is to be understood in a twofold way:

  1. Aggregation over commodities - e.g. consumption expenditure for all nondurable consumption goods or consumption expenditure for food, clothing etc. only.
  2. Aggregation over households - mean expenditure of a population.
(Arns, Gerber, Hennig-Schmidt, K. Hildenbrand, W. Hildenbrand, Hoderlein, Jang, John, Kneip, Scheer, Sippel, Utikal)

Main publications based on this approach are


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