Project C3:
Computer Applications

Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Korte

Research unit C3 coordinates all computer activities of the entire SFB. It is responsible for hardware and for software. The SFB has its own LAN which is also organized and administered by Project C3.

The research profile of this group is concentrated on discrete optimization and application. As far as theoretical work is concerned, the group concentrates on polyhedral combinatorics, graph theory, matroid theory and related areas, submodularity, multi commodity flows, edge- and vertex disjoint paths. As for applications, it concentrates on large scale travelling salesman problems, production control, robot and satellyte control, and VLSI design.


University of Bonn
Forschungsinstitut für Diskrete Mathematik
Institut für Ökonometrie und Operations Research
Abteilung Operations Research
Lennéstraße 2
D - 53113 Bonn / Germany

Phone: +49+228+73 8770
Fax: +49+228+73 8771


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