I am interested in how people manage risks over their life-cycles and in how much scope there is for public policy to reduce human inequality. What are the labour market consequences of ill health? How to efficiently design disability schemes? What can we say about individuals investing their wealth very inefficiently? Why do some people invest in the stock market and many do not? What influences retirement decisions? How do wages evolve over time in different occupations? I address these types of questions by combining innovative data, economic models, and up-to-date econometric methods.

Household finance / preferences


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Labour, income, health



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    • A summary of preliminary results appeared in Korean: Eric French, Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, John Bailey Jones. (2017). 부담적정보험법이 미국 노동공급에 미치는 영향. International Labor Brief, 15(11), 9-22.

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CoViD-19 Research

Based on ongoing interactions with the great people at CentERdata, we collected several waves of data in the Dutch LISS panel starting a week into the first lockdown. In addition, I have been part of a great effort led by Janoś Gabler, Klara Röhrl, and Tobias Raabe to model the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Germany. Scientific publications below; all numbers also made it to the policy sphere.

  • Janoś Gabler, Tobias Raabe, Klara Röhrl, and Hans-Martin von Gaudecker: “The effectiveness of testing, vaccinations and contact restrictions for containing the CoViD-19 pandemic.” In: Scientific Reports 12, 8048 (2022). Previous version on arXiv, July 2021.

  • Christian Zimpelmann, Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Radost Holler, Lena Janys, and Bettina Siflinger: “Hours and income dynamics during the Covid-19 pandemic: The case of the Netherlands”. Labour Economics, 102055 (2021).

  • Bettina Siflinger, Michaela Paffenholz, Sebastian Seitz, Moritz Mendel, and Hans-Martin von Gaudecker: “The COVID-19 Pandemic and Mental Health: Disentangling Crucial Channels”. IZA Discussion Paper No. 142666, April 2021. Updated version, May 2022. Corresponding Online Appendix

  • Data documentation